About the Artist


Stella works in a spontaneous, colourful and expressive way, stepping into the mystery of painting and seeing what arises. At times she has painted very small pieces (the size of a playing card), each with it's own story, of these some were subsequently displayed individually, some "married" with another and many coming together in her " ... greater than the sum of the parts" series to form much larger pieces. This was not planned but evolved as each stage was completed. Stella?s technique is very fluid and often evokes a magical stellar quality, interestingly suited to her name. Her eye-catching work attracts attention, often prompting questions as to how the works were created. This arises from her experimental and varied methods and materials, including a type of gold dust, often creating pieces that are difficult to define.

Stella was born in Sydney, Australia and has been living and working in London since 1989 although still regularly visits her homeland, whose colours are evident in some of her work such as the "Freedom Travelled" series and the wildlife in the "Breathing" photography series.

She attended the forward thinking Sydney Girls High School where she first discovered her passion for art.She was encouraged by her Art teacher Mrs Gordon who recognised her passion and spirit of exploration.

After high school Stella decided to put her art aside and go to University and Business School attending another progressive institution, the NSW Institute of Technology where she attained her Bachelor of Business and subsequently qualified as a CPA, beginning a long career in business finance change consultancy where her creativity and analytical strengths evenly contribute to positive results.

It was to be another 20 years before Stella discovered the Artists Way and rekindled her fire and passion for painting.

Participating in a 12 week course of the Artist Way at Work, led by Suzette Clough in North London, began Stella's collaboration with the Artists Exploring group which was to last for 5 years. This intimate group of artist met regularly to explore expression through their painting.

Suzette's leadership of this intimate and powerful group, sharing her original way of working, called Visual Medicine?, a spiritual-creative practice, was ground-breaking, and had a profound and revelatory effect on all involved. Suzette is a trained painter and psychotherapist with a passionate and lifelong interest in the connection between spirituality and creativity. Her impact and ability to hold simultaneously a depth and fluidity cannot be underestimated, or adequately put into words.

Visual Medecine is a beautifully simple, original and unique method of using painting to hold a deep conversation with yourself. It offers the surprise and joy of playing with paint, harnessing the power of spontaneous creativity and the unconscious, opening a gateway into a dialogue, through self-re?ection and inner conversation. (For more information on Visual Medicine see Links page).

This powerful experience finally re-awakened the long forgotten artist in Stella with an almost unrecognizable change of direction from her early artwork and herself as a person. It launched her life in a new direction, not the least being the release of her creativity, expressed in her new form of painting to name but one. Stella now regularly attends various classes to continually explore and develop her work, and because she enjoys learning ... These include;

2004 St Ives School of Painting ? Contemporary Painting

2005 Morley College ? Experimental Painting and Drawing

2007 Candid Art Centre - Life Drawing & Painting

2009 Candid Art Centre - Intuitive Painting

2010 Candid Art Centre - Life Painting

2011 London Drawing - Creative Theatre Drawing Group